Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Peace Writing

                The most remarkable peace I have ever made was not with a certain person. But, it was with myself. As many proverbs said that great things started with small steps, just as peace. Before spreading peace all over the world I should start from the smaller one which is myself.
                I started my peace journey when I was about in the first grade of elementary school. As a talkative kid, I loved to talk, making friends and playing with everyone. I got to know many friends everyday as the seats were mixed by my teacher.
                Things changed when I got to seat with these two girls. At first, I tried to talk to them like I usually talked with other kids. But they refused me. I didn’t know why they acted that way. As I try to get to know them, they refused me even more.
                I didn’t mind a lot. I kept treating them nicely, but I didn’t know why they kept refusing me away. As a kid we might have some “kiddy fight” with others right? Like mocking each other and stuff, these two girls liked to get me into their “kiddy fight” but I never paid attention.
                At first I wasn’t really care about it, but later I couldn’t bear it any longer. They called me “item”, “keriting”. I was okay because it was the fact that I was born with dark skin tone and wavy hair which would turn curly as I was short-haired at that time, but later their words become even worse. They called me “gimbal” “keribo” “dakocan” and “ucup” which was the name of a comedian who played the-ugly-man role. The worst one was when they said that I was so black as dog’s poop
L. What didn’t make sense till now is that I think they mocked me for my physical appearance but they also mocked me for joining ballet and art club at school.
                I tried to talk to my mom, asking her to protect me, to talk to them. But she never did, she always taught me what to say, she wanted me to finish it on my own. I was so upset at that time, thinking that mom didn’t care about me. Then, I tried to talk to them. They were silent at first. I could see them started to cry, but then they yelled at me. Spreading words they used to call me. It was a “great kiddy war” like the kiddy level kind of world war. It may sound too much but it was true. Many kinds watched them mocking me that way.
                Fortunately it happened at the end of the year. I got into second grade, having the new class. I was in the same class with one of them but I decided not to try to be her friend. They never said sorry.
                I started my second year well. Having a lot of friends. And one bestie who was closed since we were really young. But the words stayed on my mind. I may seem okay but deep inside, unconsciously I regret having myself. I always felt ugly no matter what. my friends didn’t successfully brace me, even my bestie. She has light skin color and long straight hair, what a contrary with me which made me feel even uglier every time people saw us together.
                It all kept going as I grow older. I remember clearly how I want to pick the skin-whitening-lotion, how I managed to skip swimming class because I didn’t want to get darker, how I buy hair products in purpose to change it.
                I got no result, even when people called me pretty never make me feel okay. Because things never felt enough and satisfying. I kept on trying to get into beauty standards. Then I realized, that I am born this way, God let me have this body for reason, I have to keep it, being grateful for what I have.
                And my parents also brace me up. They always said that everyone has their own beauty. And physical appearance is nothing without healthy body. Later, I find myself grateful for what I have.
                I continued my swimming class without managing to skip. I grow more confident

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Application Letter

May 28, 2010
Inara Lightings, Ltd.
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing to explore the possibility of employment as Document Controller in your reputable firm. I am a Computer Science graduate of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. I bring with me several years of experience as information systems analyst of leading companies that include Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc.
My strong computer skills, knowledge of modern word processing software, and project management tools are but some of the things that make me an asset to your company.
Attached is my resume for your perusal. Should you require any further information, I can be reached at 632-555-1234 (during regular business hours), or at 632-555-6789 (during regular business hours).

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Turbud Day-5

So sad it's my last day here. Today we would visit Kuta Beach and Tanah Lot. But before we go, we took the whole students photo first. After that we headed to Kuta Beach. There we had to take a local transportation to get there. I spent my time at Kuta with my friends from a school organization.

 After playing at the beach I went to Beachwalk with Rahmania. We had drinks there. 
 We went to Krisna to have lunch by using public transportation.

After shopping and having lunch, we went to Tanah Lot. There we enjoyed the beautiful view.

Tanah Lot was the last destination. After visiting Tanah Lot, we continued the trip back to Bandung :)

Turbud Day-4

SECOND DAY IN BALI! I'm so exciteeed! The morning started mostly like yesterday but most people were late, idk why haha maybe the beach absorbed their energy too much hahahaha.
This morning, we headed to Penglipuran village. This village was still strict to the traditional rules.
As we arrived, we were told to sit in the village hall. There we heard some explanations from the village leader. After that we had a simple tour around the village, we also had some games. But my class was a bit rude that we decided to take the wo from the games and had our own time. Hahaha
After visiting the village, we went to kintamani restaurant. On our way there we could see the maount batur scenere.
As we arrived, we had dinner at Kintamani Restaurant. The dish was wonderful. It tasted so freakin good. I love the dishes and the scenery I could see from the restaurant.
After that we went to a market and shopped there. It was about an hour. After that we went back to hotel. At the night we had dinner and ceremonial night held in the ballroom.

Turbud Day-3

2.00 a.m. we arrived at the hotel. We simply gathered at the lobby and took our key. After that I went to my room with my roommates. Before sleeping we decided to take a bath. Even though it was 3.00 a.m. in the dawn we decided to because it had been 3 days we didn't bathe :( how dirty. After bathing, everything felt fresher and better which made our sleep nice. We also decided to pack our backpack first so that we wouldn't be messed up if we were late.
At 4.45 a.m. my alarm rang. I woke my friends and took a bath. I was really excited because it was the beach day! We would visit 3 beaches in a day! I couldn't wait to get the sun kissed skin, beachy hair and the salt smelt air. I was so excited!
Everything was done at 6 .00 a.m. we were not late for breakfast. The breakfast was held at the 5th floor of the hotel. It was great.

After having breakfast, we went to our bus and had a short introduction with the local tour guide. We were heading to Tanjung Benoa beach. On our way there, the tour guide told us many things about Bali. 

We also walked over a highway. The highway itself was freshly built and was thought to be the most beautiful highway in the world and the most important thing is it was made and designed by Indonesian architects! 
view we got from the highway
As we arrived at the beach, we were told to contact our tour leader (from the agency) to get our tickets for some activities there. I bought two tickets, one for snorkeling, the other one is for doughnut boat.

We waited for awhile to get the tickets. As I got my tickets, I simply went to my friend from other class to play together. We went to the doughnut boat stand first as waiting for the other to snorkeling. The doughnut boat was awesome! We sit on the doughnut like boat, the boat would be pulled by a speedboat. It was awesome, we went up and down following the stream of the waves! I could fell the salted air blowing through my face, and also the splashing water that made my hair wet.
After the boat ride, my friends arrived and we did the snorkeling. Unfortunately snorkeling was held at the same place with diving and sea walking which was a deep location with strong waves. But it was fun though.

As I finished snorkeling, I went back to my class group. They were all ready to eat while I was really wet. So I took a bath and joined them having lunch.
After that we headed to the second beach. It was Pandawa Beach which was famous for its clear water and clean area. We had to walk pas the stone mountainside. It was really pretty. We had to walk a bit to get to the beach because bus wasn't allowed to get in. The beach was really beautiful and clean. There we did some sport activities like football and canoeing. I did the canoeing. It was quite hard to control the canoe, but fun at the same time! OMG I couldn't ask for more! It was so fun! I love beach, and its activities. I also could meet some stray dogs there which made me happier!

After visiting Pandawa beach, we went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK park, there we took some photos with the class and the whole students class of 2016. After taking picts, we watched a dancing show. There were another group of visitor that were so noisy that I couldn't enjoy the show well.
It was tiring there but we had one beach left to go. It was also raining a bit outside.I decided to sleep on the way there because I was exhausted. 

As We arrived at Jimbaran Bay which is the last beach for the day, we picked our seat and had our dinner there. It was so fun, the dinner was good tho. There were fish there and I didn't want to eat for awhile because, u know, I had just seen fishes swimming in front of me on the morning. There we also watch some performances and released a paper lantern. the lanterns looked pretty on the sky.

After that we headed back to the hotel, had a bath and slept. Because the next day will be so much fun :)))

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Turbud Day-2

I was awaken every hour that it wasn't a great sleep. I felt better as the train arrived in Surabaya. after that we headed to a restaurant to have breakfast. At the restaurant so of us brushed their teeth and washed their face. Nobody seemed to take a bath because there wasn't enough place to bath.

After having breakfast, we headed to another restaurant. The trip was quite long. It was 3 hours long that we could have good sleep. The bus was comfortable too. At the next restaurant we had lunch, some of us also took a bath there. It was a bit longer break. After that we continued to trip to Banyuwangi. the next couple hours some of us decided not to sleep, so did I. we ate snacks, shared jokes and had a chit chat.

The road to Banyuwangi wa terrible, the driver also drove in high speed that some of us got sick and decided to sleep. As we got closer to Banyuwangi, we could see  beautiful scenery of the sea. It was heartwarming and boosted out mood up.
We arrived at a restaurant and had dinner there. We also had a long break there. After that we headed to the harbor. At the harbor we had to wait for a while. We were told to get out of the bus and walk to the ship. On our way to the ship we could see the sea under us. Some local men dove and shouted random things that I didn't understand. Here is the pict at the harbor it was beautiful with the perfect lighting.
First level of the ship was crowded and hot, so I decided to be on the second level of the ship with my friends. I enjoyed being there, the air was perfect. I enjoyed the wind blowing my hair and my skin. It was so fun and I also enjoyed the movement of the ship as it got hit by the wave. It was perfect! I enjoyed every little things there.
We also took some pictures there. You know, girls will always be like that hahaha.

As we arrived we were told to get down. I went down and had to wait for a moment. It was really hot there.
After that we went back to the bus and continued the trip to the hotel. It took about 4 hours as they expected.

Turbud Day-1

Dear blog, I'm so excited about this post. But first I'm gonna tell you what turbud is. Turbud is a program designed for the eleventh graders. the eleventh graders will have a trip to Bali for about a week. They will visit some holiday destinations in Bali. Turbud is hoped to increase the togetherness of the eleventh graders.
So, on the first day, we were told to gather at the station. I went to the station at 1.30 p.m. because my house wasn't too far from the station. At the station I met my classmates and waited for our tickets and some things.
I'm so ready to go with the ticket on my hand :)

The get my name wrong :(

At 3.00 p.m. the travel agency distributed the tickets to us. We also got out luggage tag and the trip schedule. After that we were told to go to the train. We had to walk past some rails to get to the train. As I arrived at the train, I made it fast to get to my seat and put my luggage in the cabin. Then I put my backpack by my side and took out some goods such as ticket, phone charger and drink. after that I repack my backpack to make it easier for me to get the medicine and some stuff just in case I need it.
My on-the-go medicine pack :)

 Not longer after that, the train started operating. 15 minute later we got our ticket checked. As the checking process done, some of my friends started the substitution of their seats. I didn't change my seat because my seatmate was my friend and we decided not to move, so yea :)
The train was quite crowded as my friends started the substitution.

The first hour was great. The sun was still up and we could see the scenery clearly. I took some picts of the scenery. It was amazing as you can see

At 6.00 p.m. the sun had gone down. I started feeling bored as there was not much to see. But the dinner was delivered so it wasn't bad tho. After having dinner, my energy was charged that I started strolling around and made some mess with my friends that caused me having no seat :(
I was bored and had no seat until 11.30 p.m. And it was quite hard to sleep. Idk why but maybe it was because of the over excitement (?)